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About: I lead the Xerte Project at the University of Nottingham, providing a suite of free and open source authoring tools to the wider community.

Job title or role title Group Leader, Elearning Production Group

Interests Authoring tools, interactive design, Web 2.0, xerte, Xerte Online Toolkits

What topics are on your radar? xerte, Xerte Online Toolkits

What topics are you an expert in? accessibility, interactive design, flash, flex, actionscript, xml, xerte, Xerte Online Toolkits

4 September 2009

Added Heather Williamson (want-to-meet)


Signed up to attend OERs matters, Learner support technologies


3 September 2009

User-friendly Content Creation: Xerte Online Toolkits - A rough outline of what we will talk about on Monday. If you have any comments, please feel free to chime in: - Evolution: the story of the Xerte Project. - Comprehensive demo of the key features of Xerte Online Toolkits, various project demos. - Hands On: you'll need to bring a computer for this part I think. - An insight into what developers can do: how to create new tools and templates - Plans for the future, Q&A. Looking forward to meeting you all on Monday, J

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2 September 2009
25 August 2009

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21 August 2009

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19 August 2009

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Josie Fraser:

Hey Julien! Come and say hi at some point :)