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About: After graduating in 2007 I started work supporting elearning activities with staff as part of the UCP Marjon's HEA Pathfinder project. Since then I have managed to secure a long-term contract as Marjon's only learning technologist, a role which is both challenging and rewarding.

I live in the lovely yet somewhat rainy town of Par in Cornwall!

If I'm not geeking it out playing counter-strike on my PC, i'll probably be in the pub with some mates watching the football and my favourtite team of Portsmouth FC!


I'm on Twitter: @adamread

Job title or role title Learning Technologist

Organisation University College Plymouth St Mark & St John

Interests e-Learning, Web 2.0, web coding, iTunes U, wikis, blogs, podcasts

What topics are on your radar? audience response systems, Audio Feedback, e-assessment, ePortfolios, iTunes U, wikis, blogs, Podcasting, Moodle

What topics are you an expert in? Jack of all trades

2 September 2009

Added Graham Attwell (friend) and Graham Attwell (want-to-meet)


1 September 2009

Added Stuart Johnson (want-to-meet), Stuart Johnson (friend), Josie Fraser (friend), and Jane Challinor (friend)


26 August 2009

Signed up to attend Conference welcome and opening keynote


24 August 2009

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Added James Clay (friend), Steve Wheeler (friend), Nitin Parmar (friend), Haydn Blackey (friend), Matt Lingard (friend), and Nitin Parmar (want-to-meet)


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Graham Attwell
Graham Attwell (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Jane Challinor
Jane Challinor (mutual) friend
Josie Fraser
Josie Fraser (mutual) friend
Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson (mutual) want-to-meet, friend
Nitin Parmar
Nitin Parmar (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Matt Lingard
Matt Lingard (mutual) friend


Adam Read:

here's a note to self

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