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About: For many years I have had a lead role in developing the use of e-learning (now blended learning and technology enhanced learning) in my Faculty by way of a variety of secondments and development projects. These have been mainly focussed on getting the best use out of our institutional VLE and to move it on from being more than a learning management/policing tool and rather expensive repository for lecture notes and Powerpoint presentations. In recent years I have become much more interested in promoting and supporting the use of 'external' web 2.0 platforms and applications so that students and staff can develop personal learning and research environments and networks that are portable and sustainable beyond the context of their time at the University. In the wider scheme of continuing professional development, life-long learning and digital citizenship I see this as more significant than focussing narrowly on the use of enclosed, private institutional VLEs.

Job title or role title Principal Teaching Fellow

Organisation University of Leeds

Interests Personal learning and research environments and networks

8 September 2009

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29 August 2009
28 August 2009

It's still a web2.0 world out there - The one that offers the most serendipity and entertainment is Twitter - a gold mine of useful information and a social anthropologists play ground. Other wise probably Wordpress for blogging and as a simple 'good enougth' web content management system. Lots of privacy and sharing options, pages can be used as wikis, page histories, and lots more. Great free service from and even a non-techie like me can install and manage OK.

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27 August 2009

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