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About: I am the ILT Coordinator at Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology assisting staff in the use of and developing ILT.
I am also one of the Moodle administrators.

Job title or role title ILT Co-ordinator

Interests Art, Music, Autographs, gigs, films

27 August 2009

Added Fleur Corfield (friend), Dave Shearan (friend), Sue Lee (friend), and James Clay (friend)


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James Clay
James Clay (mutual) friend
Sue Lee
Sue Lee (mutual) friend
Dave Shearan
Dave Shearan (mutual) friend
Fleur Corfield
Fleur Corfield (mutual) friend


Dave Shearan:

Learning from last year - stay off the cider

Dave Shearan:

Private message doesn't seem to work - let's see if this will send you an email