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About: I work as e-learning support officer in the Education Support Unit at the University of Bristol. My role involves promoting, supporting and evaluating the use of e-learning within departments, and providing support for members of the academic community wishing to use new technologies to enhance their teaching and students’ learning.

From 2006 to 2008 I was a Learning Technologist at the University of Bath. Before moving into HE, I worked as e-learning development Officer at Filton College (FE) in Bristol. Prior to that I was a Librarian and taught in Further Education and the secondary sector.

Job title or role title e-learning support officer

Organisation University of Bristol

4 September 2009

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Steve Wheeler
Steve Wheeler (mutual) friend, fan, want-to-meet
Manish Malik
Manish Malik (mutual) friend, fan, want-to-meet
Elaine Swift
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James Clay
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Nitin Parmar
Nitin Parmar (mutual) friend, fan, want-to-meet
Kate Reader
Kate Reader (mutual) friend, fan, want-to-meet


Manish Malik:

Hi Roger,

I do not know you but i wanted to meet you so that I can link back to my university, I was 2001 batch of Elec and Electrical engg (MSc) with Mark Beech and other as my Gurus.

look forward to meet u