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About: I'm interested in digital literacy, identity & community, green ICT, & of course, this years F-ALT:

Job title or role title ICT Strategy Lead

Organisation Leicester City Council

Interests childrens rights, collaboration, community, computer games, digital literacy, digital rights, education, ePortfolio, feral children, film, Flickr, geotagging, identity, internet, media literacy, networking, networks, online communities, open access, open source, open standards, Personal Learning Environments, post-structuralism, presence, public value, smart phones, social justice, social media, social networks, social networking services, social software, technology, urban games, weblogs, F-ALT, Institutional Innovation, Green ICT

What topics are on your radar? digital literacy, digital rights, identity management, digital citizenship, Presence, PLEs, open educational resources, Open Government, serious fun

What topics are you an expert in? digital literacy, e-safety, cyberbullying, online communities, identity, social network services

11 September 2009

Pictures from ALT-C 2009 - My pictures are up here: Haven't had time to title or tag then yet - please do feel free to help out by adding tags of names, events etc :) Also - if you spot a photo I've put up of you...

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3 September 2009

Julian Tenney - Hey Julien! Come and say hi at some point :)

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29 August 2009
27 August 2009

Alan Cann - I'm partially on Crowdvine :)

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Alan Cann:

So you're not enjoying Crowdvine then? :-)