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About: Lecturer in computer game technology.

Principal investigator on the Eduserv SLOODLE project.

Interested in a wide range of projects looking at virtual worlds and digital games in learning.

Job title or role title Lecturer

Organisation University of the West of Scotland

What topics are on your radar? augmented reality, Second Life, Virtual worlds, Moodle

What topics are you an expert in? virtual worlds, MUVE., SLOODLE, Games for learning

9 September 2009

Second life technologies - Sorry to be missing this (and all the other!!!) SL sessions - could only make it to one day this year. I discovered one trick for reducing the file size of powerpoint tho - don't know if you've tried this. Right click on any of the pictures, and open the format picture dialog. One of the tabs has a button "Compress". Click that, and ask it compress all the images in the presentation. I've seen presentations shrink to 1/10th the size using this...

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OERs matters - Any post panel comments from the panelists? :-)

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8 September 2009

Technology enhanced feed-forward - Interesting to hear about the many negative responses to the audio feedback - is this being continued? guidelines for staff attempting to use audio feedback to minimise the negative responses?

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7 September 2009

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29 August 2009

Kathryn Trinder - boo!

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Kathryn Trinder:

Yikes! *peels self off ceiling*. You made me jump.

Kathryn Trinder:

Hey Dan!