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About: I'm currently working towards the PhD in Educational Research and Technology Enhanced Learning at CSALT, Lancaster University, and I also teach on the Computer Games suite of courses in the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Huddersfield.

When I started the PhD I was intending to look at the use of games technology and immersive virtual environments in HE, but it seems that PhD topics have a habit of wandering all over the place before they arrive at any kind of destination, and at the moment I'm writing a paper on anarchism and education.

Job title or role title PhD Student, Educational Research and Technology Enhanced Learning, Senior Lecturer

Interests Games, Computer Games, 3D Games, Level Design, Games Design, Games Programming, Web Programming, Virtual Worlds, Philosophy, Anarchist Education, Cybernetics, Techy Stuff! :)

What topics are on your radar? 3D VLEs, Games, Distance Teaching/Learning, Immersive VR, Cybernetics, Anarchism, Web 0.2!

What topics are you an expert in? Expert, huh? Hmmm, not sure if I'd stick my neck out that far, but I'll happily bend your ear over a coffee on topics such as 3D Level Development, Computer Games Design and Programming

14 September 2009

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10 September 2009

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9 September 2009

Philip Tubman - Hi, good to meet you earlier today ... catch you again in Connect or on campus sometime.

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8 September 2009

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7 September 2009

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31 August 2009

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30 August 2009

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Signed up to attend Visual redesign, Simulation demonstrations


29 August 2009

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26 August 2009

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25 August 2009

Timos Almpanis - Hi Timos! See you in Manchester on the Tuesday morning! :) James

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Kathryn Trinder:

Hi James! Happy to meet up. Anarchism & Education? You're doing some interestng sounding stuff. :)