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About: My background is in Applied Linguistics and research into transitions into HE, academic writing, plagiarism and internationalisation. I'm currently a research fellow at Learning Innovation, a research group at Coventry University. I run a Leverhulme-funded project which is investigating uses of immersive worlds (such as Second Life) in UK higher education. The project has 3 PhD students in their first year of study. I'd like to meet people using / researching immersive worlds in HE.

Job title or role title Research Fellow

Organisation Coventry University

Interests Travel, languages, creative writing, yoga

What topics are on your radar? Second Life, MUVE, Digital Literacies

11 September 2009

Added Roger Emery (met), Kathryn Trinder (met), Nicola Whitton (met), Ferdinand Francino (met), and Roger Emery (friend)


9 September 2009

Added Dave White (met), Michael Vallance (want-to-meet), Terese Bird (want-to-meet), and Luke Woodham (friend)


8 September 2009

Added Cathy Tombs (friend)


4 September 2009

Added Stylianos Hatzipanagos (fan) and Jim Hensman (friend)


1 September 2009

Added James McDowell (want-to-meet)


26 August 2009

Added Anna Peachey (want-to-meet), Emma Duke-Williams (want-to-meet), Gilly Salmon (want-to-meet), Ian Truelove (want-to-meet), and Daniel Livingstone (friend)


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Roger Emery
Roger Emery (mutual) met, friend
Nicola Whitton
Nicola Whitton (mutual) met
Kathryn Trinder
Kathryn Trinder (mutual) met
Luke Woodham
Luke Woodham (mutual) friend
Terese Bird
Terese Bird (mutual) want-to-meet


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