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About: I am a researcher working for Pontydysgu, a Wales based research and development organisation

6 September 2009

mPLE demo alongside ALT-C 2009 - Great to see that mPLE now ready for full demos Mark. I seem to remember first showing at Emerge Salford event couple of years ago! Think there is going to be great interest in the mPLE in continental Europe. Looking forward to roll out - if only for getting us more solid evidence about how PLEs can be used. I'm particularly interested in how PLEs could be used outside formal education system - have always been bemused that the edtech community has focused on developing software for managing learning in institutions - if responsibility begins in dreams then the responsibility of educational technologists is to extend the dream of learning to everyone and therein for me lies the potential of teh PLE.

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Institutional change - You can find my presentation - entitled Social networking applications and platforms - a socio-technical approach to community support - here or on slideshare at

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4 September 2009

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Signed up to attend The VLE is Dead, Institutional change


1 September 2009

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28 August 2009

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