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About: Hello! My name is Matthew and I'm the ePortfolio Consultant at Pebble Learning Ltd.

You may remember me as the Keeper of the Media Zoo from the University of Leicester?

I really look forward to meeting new people at ALT-C this year and catching up with some old friends!

Job title or role title ePortfolio Consultant

Organisation Pebble Learning Ltd.

1 September 2009

Matthew Wheeler - Great David! Please come and find me on the PebblePad stand if I do not find you first!

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Added Stuart Johnson (friend), Aaron Porter (friend), Seb Schmoller (friend), Mary Jacob (want-to-meet), Rich Goodman (want-to-meet), Perry Williams (want-to-meet), Shirley Evans (want-to-meet), Helen Whitehead (friend), Rene Meijer (friend), Helen Keegan (friend), and Nicola Whitton (friend)


28 August 2009

Added Alan Cann (friend), Jane Challinor (friend), Josie Fraser (friend), Alex Moseley (friend), Dave White (friend), Steve Wheeler (friend), David Hawkridge (friend), Sandra Huskinson (friend), palitha edirisingha (friend), Gilly Salmon (friend), Richard Hall (friend), John Traxler (friend), Rachel Challen (friend), Gail Wilson (want-to-meet), Kenji Lamb (want-to-meet), Mike Mimirinis (want-to-meet), Nigel Ecclesfield (want-to-meet), Adele Cushing (want-to-meet), Joe Wilson (want-to-meet), and sally holden (friend)


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Richard E. J. Jones:

Hi Matt - New role! :-) Hope it is going well I am in Manchester now and will be at ALT-C until Thurs see you around or at the PP stand. Rich

Terese Bird:

Hey Matt, I look forward to seeing you there; I'll seek you out at the PebblePad presence:-)...

Matthew Wheeler:

Great David!

Please come and find me on the PebblePad stand if I do not find you first!

David Hawkridge:

I'll be at ALT-C from the AGM onwards, ST Matthew. See you there!