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Organisation University of Brighton

Interests academic staff adoption of e-learning, reflective learning, pedagogy in e-learning in HE and in workplace

What topics are on your radar? preparing for e-learning, simple ways to connect, reflective learning, pedagogy and VLEs, sheep

10 September 2009

Tread softly... - sorry, here is the lower version

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9 September 2009

Tread softly... - as promised here is the slideset for the paper given today. thanks for the interest and Asher and I would love to hear your thoughts on our attempts to map the sociocultural profile of academic staff in relation to TEL. Tread softly in the mainstream...

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8 September 2009

Signed up to attend More staff skills, Staff skills, The VLE is Dead


29 August 2009

Steve Wheeler - will be great to catch up at ALT C, Sue G

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28 August 2009

What topics are you an expert in? - Hi Sandra, you raise a good point - by identifying our expertise we narrow down how people see us. So the most I am prepared to own up to is an expert time juggler, who still drops a few balls..

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Anu Sharma:

Hi Sue

It was nice to meet you over lunch. I enjoyed your session and have left a comment on the general session page. I liked the way you applied the generic models to your context.

Thanks again. I will be in touch.

Best wishes,

Rich Goodman:

Hi Sue,

Good to talk to you last night - see you around soon!