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About: My first ALT-C was in the 90's. I've been an academic involved in online/blended learning and languages at Manchester University, University of Technology Sydney and University of Hertfordshire since 1998.

My STRIDE (Students' and Tutors' Reflections and Insights into the Dissertation Experience) videos on YouTube are currently becoming popular with those involved in preparing a university dissertation...feel free to use them for your own purposes. Search for 'Joanna Teague dissertation'

Job title or role title Principal Lecturer Blended Learning & Professional Learning

Organisation Blended Learning Unit CETL & Sch of Education, University of Hertfordshire

Interests Perceptions of learning

What topics are you an expert in? Video eg STRIDE (YouTube)

9 September 2009

Added Sandra Huskinson (friend) and Sandra Huskinson (fan)


5 September 2009

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28 August 2009

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Joanna Teague:

Looking forward to seeing you. Wonder if any of the old SMILE team will be there?