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About: I'm a committer on the Apache Wookie (Incubating) widget engine, a member of the W3C Widgets Working Group, and a member of the Open Web Foundation - so anything to do with Widgets is where I'm at at the moment.

I'm also the fellow who came up with that "Future VLE"/"PLE" diagram that turns up on slides a lot.

I'm also active in F-ALT

Job title or role title Senior Researcher/Assistant Director

Organisation University of Bolton/CETIS

Interests Widgets, PLEs, Mashups, Enterprise, CRM, F-ALT, open source, standards, interoperability, mobile learning, augmented reality, rapid development, business models, wookie, google wave

What topics are on your radar? Augmented Reality, Mobile Learning, Fabbers, PLEs

What topics are you an expert in? Widgets, PLEs, standards, open source, interoperability

10 September 2009

Signed up to attend Research in learner experience


9 September 2009

Talis Open Education Incubator - Here's the URL for the demo OER aggregation service I put up at the end of the session: Source code at: (Apache 2.0 license)

Comments - Link

3 September 2009

Added Jim Hensman (friend), Stylianos Hatzipanagos (friend), Heather Williamson (friend), and David Kernohan (friend)


1 September 2009

Added Alex Moseley (friend), Brian Kelly (friend), Cristina Costa (friend), Dave White (friend), Emma Duke-Williams (friend), Frances Bell (friend), George Roberts (friend), Graham Attwell (friend), Helen Keegan (friend), Josie Fraser (friend), Juliette Culver (friend), Mark van Harmelen (friend), Nicola Whitton (friend), Sheila MacNeill (friend), Stephen (friend), Steven Warburton (friend), and Tom Franklin (friend)


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David Kernohan
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Heather Williamson (mutual) friend
Stylianos Hatzipanagos
Stylianos Hatzipanagos (mutual) friend
Jim Hensman
Jim Hensman (mutual) friend
Tom Franklin
Tom Franklin (mutual) friend
Steven Warburton
Steven Warburton (mutual) friend


Seb Schmoller:

I've asked Tony Stubblebine about whether there is a CrowdVine API for widget purposes.