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About: I work at the University of Bradford with a great team of learning technologists and this year I have the honour of being the incoming Chair of ALT for 2009-10.

I've been involved in ICT/e-learning/TEL.. for more years than I care to remember or am willing to admit because it is always changing, always challenging and always stimulating and exiting and I get to work with so many extraordinary people. I'm always challenged and always learning.

Job title or role title Senior Adviser on e-Learning

Organisation University of Bradford

Interests online communities, web 2.0, collaboration, e-assessment for learning, e-portfolios, podcasting by students for learning

What topics are on your radar? mobile, cloud computing, Effectiveness of e-learning

What topics are you an expert in? online tutoring, e-assessment, blended learning

9 September 2009

Signed up to attend Cognitive mapping as a research method


8 September 2009
7 September 2009

Added Cathy Ellis (friend) and Su White (friend)


5 September 2009

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2 September 2009

Cath Dyson - Hi Cath Good to hear from you. How are things? See you next week. Carol

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1 September 2009

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Cath Dyson:

Hi Carol
Looking forward to catching up with you at the conference