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Job title or role title Head of eLearning Design and Development Group

Organisation University of Auckland

Interests Contemporary issues in elearnng

What topics are on your radar? eLearning strategy implementation

What topics are you an expert in? elearning capacity development, organizational change

9 September 2009
8 September 2009

Spreading curriculum innovation - Here are revised notes for my short paper ' A practical guide to elearning sustainability' with a definition of sustainability included to clarify the focus. This is not about environmental sustainability but long term prospects for elearning systems that grow out of teaching and learning enhancement initiatives.

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4 September 2009

Added Helen Beetham (friend) and Haydn Blackey (friend)


2 September 2009

eLearning sustainability - Thanks for letting me know the system has a problem with pptx files Linda. I've replaced this with a ppt file of my presentation notes, so hope this works. Richard, I'll tell you off if you like but you'll have to come up with a better reason :-)) Cathy

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Added Linda Creanor (want-to-meet), Linda Creanor (friend), Nicola Whitton (friend), Richard Hall (friend), Martin Oliver (friend), and Mark van Harmelen (friend)


1 September 2009

Signed up to attend eLearning sustainability


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Haydn Blackey:

Hi Cathy,

I sometimes think it is a cheek adding someone as a friend. But my recollection is that we met at ALT-C last year and had a good chat. So you qualify as a friend in that context.