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7 September 2009

Luke Woodham - Hi Luke. Looking forward to meeting you at ALTC. I have to be in court on Tuesday, so I won't be there until Wednesday. I am looking to hearing about your work. Regards Trevor

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Kevin Donovan:

Hi, Trevor
I'm chairing your session. (See CrowdVine.)
Just to remind you and Luke:
Before the conference
Presenters are encouraged to note and read the abstracts or full texts of the other papers that will be presented in their session. Try to identify common or contrasting ideas between your paper and the other papers in the session. These common themes may well appear in questions from the chair and audience, and it is well to be prepared for them.
Session chairs will email you before the conference asking for materials for your session (e.g. slides, any changed presenters or institutional affiliations, as well as any introductory material that may be helpful).
Your chair may also request a (UK to UK) telephone conversation with you. Please accommodate that if at all possible.
You may also wish to supply the session chair with one or more potential follow-up questions for your presentation, but there is no guarantee that any of these questions will be asked by the chair if no other questions are forthcoming from the audience. The chair may use other questions of his or her own in order to start questions and encourage discussion.
Presenters must make sure that any slides to be used are taken to the conference in an electronic form, e.g on a USB memory stick. We recommend that slides are held both on a memory stick and on a backup provided by a web-accessible email account. (Please note that taking slides to the conference is not the responsibility of the session chair.)
Practice your presentation as many times as needed, with any slides you will be using, in front of colleagues. Doing this makes for a much smoother presentation.