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About: I am the Project Co-ordinator for the JISC Curriculum Design and Delivery programmes Support and Synthesis project which is being led by JISC infoNet.

Job title or role title Project Co-ordinator

Organisation JISC infoNet

Interests Curriculum design, curriculum delivery, collaboration, change management

What topics are on your radar? enhancement, curriculum lifecycle, institutional change

What topics are you an expert in? project management, synthesis, research/analysis

4 September 2009

Curriculum challenges - The sector is facing some key challenges with curriculum design at institutional level - stakeholder engagement, developing agile and responsive curricula, institutional embedding. Sound familiar? Then come and contribute to this symposium where projects within the JISC Insitutional Approaches to Curriculum Design 4-year programme will talk about how they are approaching some of these challenges. We want to generate lively discussion and input from participants around the types of resources you want to see emerging from the programme.

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