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Job title or role title VLE Support Officer

Organisation University of Leeds

8 September 2009

Added Mike Bailey (friend)


7 September 2009

Wayne Britcliffe - Slightly scary photo Wayne - not sure I want to meet up now! Mel

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Added Wayne Britcliffe (friend), Wayne Britcliffe (fan), David Barrett (friend), and David Barrett (fan)


3 September 2009

Added laura taylor (friend) and Kirsten Thompson (friend)


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Mike Bailey
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David Barrett
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Wayne Britcliffe
Wayne Britcliffe (mutual) friend, fan
Kirsten Thompson
Kirsten Thompson (mutual) friend
laura taylor
laura taylor (mutual) friend


Mike Bailey:

Hello Melanie
I hope all is going well and look forward to catching up tomorrow. I should be around either the vendor area or thereabouts. Have a black polo shirt with silver and orange Wimba writing on it!!!