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Job title or role title Academic Development Advisor (eLearning)

Organisation University of Chester

Interests House renovation and building, wine

What topics are on your radar? Podcasting

What topics are you an expert in? Jack of all trades etc etc

4 September 2009

Added Mary Jacob (friend) and Andrew Middleton (friend)


3 September 2009

Added Alex Spiers (friend), Graham McElearney (friend), Richard Hall (friend), and Haydn Blackey (friend)


Carol's Network

Andrew Middleton
Andrew Middleton (mutual) friend
Mary Jacob
Mary Jacob (mutual) friend
Haydn Blackey
Haydn Blackey (mutual) friend
Richard Hall
Richard Hall (mutual) friend
Graham McElearney
Graham McElearney (mutual) friend
Alex Spiers
Alex Spiers (mutual) friend


Piers MacLean:

Hi Carol,

Very nice chatting with you just now and I look forward to seeing you online and at the e-assessment event.