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About: I am an Innovation Specialist, working on investigating, prototyping and advising on strategy for new ICT-related developments. I have recently been involved in JISC projects on sharing practice using pattern languages and on location independent working and am currently working on a project to investigate how research and innovation communities and networks can be developed and supported. I am also involved in work in the areas of serious games and virtual worlds, the environment and sustainability, and media and performance.

Job title or role title Innovation Specialist

Organisation Coventry University

What topics are on your radar? Social Networking, Web 2.0, Communities of Practice, PLEs, Semantic Web, Patterns, Virtual Research Environments, Science 2.0, Virtual Worlds

7 September 2009

Added Tom Franklin (friend), Lesley Gourlay (friend), Isobel Falconer (friend), Dave White (friend), George Roberts (friend), Steve Ryan (friend), Isobel Falconer (want-to-meet), Jim Everett (want-to-meet), Nigel Ecclesfield (want-to-meet), Rebecca Galley (want-to-meet), Simon Brookes (want-to-meet), James McDowell (want-to-meet), Simon Cross (want-to-meet), Cathy Tombs (friend), Neil Witt (want-to-meet), and Liz Dorland (want-to-meet)


4 September 2009

Added Frances Bell (friend) and Malcolm (friend)


3 September 2009

Cristina Costa - Hi Cristina, Be good to catch up. See you in Manchester. Jim

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Added Steven Warburton (friend), Josie Fraser (friend), Juliette Culver (friend), Maggie McPherson (friend), Mark van Harmelen (friend), Nicola Whitton (friend), Scott Wilson (friend), Cristina Costa (friend), palitha edirisingha (friend), Stylianos Hatzipanagos (friend), Jill Jameson (friend), and Brian Kelly (friend)


Jim's Network

Liz Dorland
Liz Dorland want-to-meet
Neil Witt
Neil Witt want-to-meet
Cathy Tombs
Cathy Tombs (mutual) friend
Simon Cross
Simon Cross want-to-meet
James McDowell
James McDowell (mutual) want-to-meet
Simon Brookes
Simon Brookes (mutual) want-to-meet


Sonja Grussendorf:

Steve R. told me about you, will have to somehow catch you at dinner tonight... we can make jokes about Heidegger (he's pretty funny, after all)

Rebecca Galley:

Hi Jim,

I would be good to meet up. I'm with collegues on the project Simon Cross and Juliette Culver (Cloudworks Developer), perhaps we could all meet together?

Jim Everett:

Hi Jim, happy to meet up. I will be around from Monday PM. Jim

Jim Everett:

Hi Jim, happy to meet up. I will be around from Monday PM. Jim

Cristina Costa:

hi Jim,
Long time..what have you been up to.
Looking forward to seeing you again in ALT-C