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About: The Education Development team at Bradford now includes our learning technologists and this coming year we will be reviewing the University approach to the use of technology to support student learning. This will include a review of the VLE (currently Blackboard). We would like to talk to other institutions involved in similar contemplations about the future.
The groupwork resouce we developed through LearnHigher (and continuing to develop with Leeds) is up for 2 prizes at ALT-C so delighted to talk at great length to anyone about this:
We are also producing a new version of the Interviewer software which gives you a mock job/careers interview through your pc. And we have a prototype viva simulation using the same technology.

Job title or role title Professor of Education Development

Organisation University of Bradford

Interests Concept mapping; speech recognition; social networking; audio feedback

What topics are on your radar? Concept mapping (especially CMAP); speech recognition (both pc and mac); using IT to support student skill development. Using IT to support student learning.

What topics are you an expert in? Publications on communication, groups and organisations.

8 September 2009

Added Jill Jameson (friend)


6 September 2009

Signed up to attend Pedagogic innovation, Redesigning teaching, Keynote speech, Poster and 6 others.


4 September 2009

Added Haydn Blackey (friend), Chris Pegler (friend), John Dermo (friend), Rachel Harris (fan), Seb Schmoller (friend), Kirsten Thompson (friend), and Maggie McPherson (friend)


3 September 2009

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Andrew Middleton:

If I don't remember to give you that info we discussed please feel free to bug me! Good to see you as always.

Matt Lingard:

Hi Peter,
Be great to meet up with you at some point - I'm interested in hearing more about 'Interviewer' as our Careers Service are keen to try it.

Lindsey Martin:

Hi Peter, we have just kicked off a VLE review. Happy as ever to share thoughts.

Haydn Blackey:

Guess what, we are just starting our review of the VLE this month, with a March date for the review to be complete and action to be taken!

So happy, as ever, to share ideas/approaches

Kirsten Thompson:

Hi Peter,
How's life in Bradford?