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About: I am an academic working at King's Learning Institute (King's College London), where I am the head of the e-learning function. My research is on assessment approaches that enhance learning, with a focus on formative e-assessment and feedback as dialogue in virtual environments. I am also interested in social software and social networking and how informal/formal spaces associated with these technologies can be integrated into academic practice. MUVEs and how interaction is mediated and reinvented in virtual worlds. Finally, working in an academic development unit, where critical portfolios of evidence are the main assessment tool, I am exploring how e-portfolios can constitute a significant departure from a conventional paper based format.

Job title or role title Dr

Organisation King's College London

What topics are on your radar? formative e-assessment, virtual worlds, e-portfolios

What topics are you an expert in? design and evaluation of interactive learning environments, assessment, social softtware and social networking

9 September 2009
8 September 2009

David Hawkridge - Hi David good to hear from you. It will be great to catch up. Stylianos

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David Hawkridge:

I'll be at ALT-C from the AGM onwards, Stylianos. Kali nichta!