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About: an educational developer in Creative Development, part of Academic Innovation at Sheffield Hallam University

Job title or role title Senior Lecturer in Creative Development

Interests academic innovation around digital audio and creative approaches to pedagogy

What topics are on your radar? creativity, student publishing, digital media

What topics are you an expert in? educational media in social constructivist paradigms

11 September 2009

Added Hayley Willis (friend)


10 September 2009

Jill Jameson - Really nice speaking with you Jill. If you can send me a good lead on 'trust' I would really appreciate it. And if I can help you in anyway please let me know.

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Peter Hartley - If I don't remember to give you that info we discussed please feel free to bug me! Good to see you as always.

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Added Jill Jameson (friend) and Peter Hartley (friend)


9 September 2009

Added Robin Gissing (friend)


8 September 2009

Infrastructure innovation - Hi all, here's a copy of the PowerPoint I'll be talking to for Dream on: Slow progress in developing digital media infrastructures

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Active learning - Here's my PowerPoint for 'Harmonious and challenging voices - findings from a creative, audio pervasive module'

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Poster - 239 Audio, autonomy and authenticity: constructive comments and conversations captured by the learner Anne Nortcliffe, Andrew Middleton

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7 September 2009
4 September 2009

Added Carol Beattie Comer (friend), Mary Jacob (friend), Graham McElearney (friend), Alex Spiers (friend), Richard Hall (friend), and Steve Wheeler (want-to-meet)


3 September 2009

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