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Job title or role title Director Learning Development

Organisation City University London

10 September 2009

More VLEs and design - Thank you very much glad you enjoyed it - here is a link to the Prezi Susannah

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8 September 2009

Added Sarah Cornelius (friend), Mark Stiles (friend), Helen Beetham (friend), and Tom Franklin (friend)


7 September 2009
6 September 2009

Added Richard Hall (friend), Haydn Blackey (friend), Eddie Gulc (friend), Sarah Sherman (friend), Jacquie Kelly (friend), Clifton Kandler (friend), Martin Oliver (friend), Stephen Brown (friend), Amyas Phillips (friend), Marianne Sheppard (friend), Lindsey Martin (friend), and Georgia Slade (friend)


4 September 2009

Susannah's Network

Tom Franklin
Tom Franklin (mutual) friend
Helen Beetham
Helen Beetham (mutual) friend
Mark Stiles
Mark Stiles (mutual) friend
Sarah Cornelius
Sarah Cornelius (mutual) friend
Georgia Slade
Georgia Slade friend
Lindsey Martin
Lindsey Martin (mutual) friend


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