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Art & Design background. Currently deputy at Birmingham East CLC. Previously designed learning content for various Grids for Learning & trained LA staff (teachers & technical) on using a VLE & Grid for Learning.

Now working on many projects including:

  • * using PSPs across phases/cross curricula & with deaf students
  • * developing DVD resources for educational use (including work for Hippodrome Theatre, The Rep Theatre, the Bullring, Aston Villa & City football clubs)
  • * set up/involved with several KS2/KS3 transition projects using VLEs (writing up for MA)
  • * using ICT to ease transition from nursery to primary
  • * video/digital manipulation/animation work
  • * supporting schools though the Self Review Framework
  • * international projects
  • * using ICT in bereavement projects
  • * using games in primary/secondary
  • * Web 2.0 stuff - all things Google, wikis, blogs, podcast - the usual stuff!
  • * learning spaces

Now mainly work with teachers in CPD or school support work rather than with students although we still see the occasional one! Always happy to work with anyone who has interesting ideas (in or out of the school setting)!



Job title or role title Deputy Manager

Organisation Birmingham East City Learning Centre

Interests online communities, VLEs, collaboration, geotagging, digital storytelling, international projects, learning spaces, games, esafety, digital literacy, cyberbullying, student voice, mobile learning, art, art & more art!, video editing, Music

What topics are on your radar? lesson capture, online communities, VLE

What topics are you an expert in? mobile learning, transition projects, VLEs

7 September 2009
6 September 2009

Added Josie Fraser (friend)


5 September 2009

Steve Wheeler - Wotcha Steve - my Twitter friend who, I think, started the 365 Flickr project with me at the beginning of this year! Hope to catch up with you at the conference!

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Theo Kuechel - Wotcha Theo - my longtime Twitter pal! Hopefully catch up with you at the conference!

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Elizabeth Symonds - Hi Elizabeth - although I work in Birmingham I actually live in Worcester! Hopefully catch up with you at the conference! I would suggest a car share but I'm driving up from Birmingham on Monday & not too sure when I'm returning!

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Added Steve Wheeler (want-to-meet), Seb Schmoller (want-to-meet), Josie Fraser (want-to-meet), andy black (want-to-meet), James Clay (want-to-meet), Theo Kuechel (want-to-meet), Steve Ellis (want-to-meet), Sarah Bartlett (want-to-meet), and Elizabeth Symonds (want-to-meet)


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Josie Fraser
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Elizabeth Symonds
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Sarah Bartlett
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Steve Ellis
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Theo Kuechel
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