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Job title or role title Head Ethics and Governance/Teaching Dev.Fellow

Organisation Coventry University

Interests Sleep (normally sleep deprived), innovation, decision-making, creativity

What topics are on your radar? research ethics especially in educational research, research methods, innovation in assessment

What topics are you an expert in? research ethics, external partnerships, assessment. problem solving

10 September 2009

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8 September 2009

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7 September 2009

The Ethics of Researching Educational Uses of Stuff Like Twitter, Facebook, Second Life - Hi, I have to "manage" by which I mean negotiate an acceptable pathway for researchers, looking at a number of research ethics issues around research in these new developing contexts for my faculty and indeed input beyond that into other I WLT meet up and join in a discussion during ALT=C. Carmel (who does not have mobile email sadly)

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VLEs and design - The Harry met Sally paper ....

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When Harry met Sally - short paper 0169 - Here are the slides for this paper, which looks at some of the tensions in object reuse. These may arise between the logical systems/hierarchical view/assumptions around the generic nature of content by resource managers, and the desire for creativi...

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6 September 2009

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