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About: I recently joined the Beyond Distance Research Alliance and am helping with research into podcasts (especially feed-forward podcasting), use of Second Life, and use of e-Readers in Higher Education. I worked for 11.5 years before this in the School of Psychology at Bangor University where I implemented video-recording and vodcast-serving of lectures, lecturer-created vodcast tutorials and use of PRS handsets in lectures.

Job title or role title Learning Technologist

Interests Podcasting in various contexts, e-books, e-readers, Second Life

What topics are on your radar? eLearning, eReaders, podcasts, Second Life, online conference, mobile learning

What topics are you an expert in? Podcasting, e-Readers, eReaders, e-books

10 September 2009

Added James Clay (friend)


9 September 2009

Added Lesley Gourlay (friend) and Haydn Blackey (friend)


7 September 2009

David Hawkridge - Thanks David, I hope I will see you there although I'm not sure our schedules will overlap...:-) Certainly I will see you here (in the cloud):-)

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Matthew Wheeler - Hey Matt, I look forward to seeing you there; I'll seek you out at the PebblePad presence:-)...

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Added Matthew Wheeler (friend), palitha edirisingha (friend), David Hawkridge (friend), Gilly Salmon (friend), James Clay (fan), Matthew Mobbs (friend), and Ming Nie (friend)


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David Hawkridge:

See you there!