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About: Consultant specialising in digital skills, Technology Enhanced Learning and information services

Job title or role title Consultant

Organisation Sero Consulting Ltd

Interests ICT adoption across the digital divide

What topics are on your radar? library 2.0, digital user skills, digital literacy, digital britain

8 September 2009

Methodological innovation - Here is the presentation for 0284 'New Modes, New Minds' which will be given by Julia duggleby and David Kay - don't be put off by the number of slides, the messages will be concise and direct!

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7 September 2009

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6 September 2009

More staff skills - Hello world Welcome to anyone who is concerned (interested > worried) about digital skills - in learning, working or life in general - both student and practitioner skills, related pedagogies and relevant assessment. Here is my presentation - as has been said elsewhere, a trifle dry and mystifying without the presenter!

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Mark van Harmelen:


Glad to see that you are attending, I wasn't sure.
We're demoing the Mosaic search engine as part of an mPLE demo alongside the conference


Nigel Ecclesfield:

Hi David

Thanks for getting in touch, it would be good to meet up for a coffee at some point. I'll have a look at your presentation tomorrow.