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About: I work within the faculty of Health & Wellbeing at Sheffield Hallam University in the eLearning team. My role is mainly around staff development in eLearning but I also look into applications of new technologies within a pedagogic context.

I'm pretty passionate about my job and have a particular interest in timely & appropriate use of online assessment methods.

Outside of work I enjoy photography.

Job title or role title eLearning

Interests Web 2.0, Mobile Learning, Use of 3D technologies in L&T, Photography

What topics are on your radar? mobile learning, immersive visualisation, podcasting, Assessment, RFID, QR Codes

What topics are you an expert in? Using the term expert loosely I'm not too bad at 3D Photography/Video, and Staff Development in eLearning practice

9 September 2009

Signed up to attend Redesigning assessment


8 September 2009

Sarah Bartlett - I'm at Alt tomorrow (Wednesday)

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