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Eduapps - Power in your pocket

16:30 - 17:10 on Wednesday, 9 September 2009 in 1.218


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Portable educational technology exists in different guises: from the almost ubiquitous mobile phone, to portable media players like the iPod, and even handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo DS. However, one portable technology often overlooked is the humble USB flash drive. Portable and affordable to all, USB sticks have gone from simple mediums for transferring data, to devices which can be used as 'application carriers' and even entire bootable operating systems!

Tapping into this potential, the JISC Regional Support Centre Scotland North and East have developed EduApps, a suite of portable open source and freeware applications. The software included ranges from everyday office-related tools to applications designed to support writing, reading and planning as well as sensory, cognitive and physical difficulties. Running directly from a USB stick (thus removing the need to have admin privileges to install software), learners and tutors can access the software they need anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

The session will consist of an introductory presentation, followed by a review of thought-provoking case studies which show how EduApps has made opportunities available to learners and tutors - opportunities that typically have been beyond reach.