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Fri, Sep 10 at 11:13AM (0 comments)

Emma Duke-Williams posted Bookmarking sessions:

Does Crowdvine have a way of bookmarking sessions you're interested in, but not attending (so you can find resources later etc) - As far as I can see, you can say you're going - (does it let you attend two things at the same time) - but not just interested; or do you need an external bookmarking system??

Tue, Sep 7 at 5:56PM (0 comments)

Okay, day one of ALTc conference in Nottingham. First task is to work out what I want to see/do. Shortly followed by – what do I use to schedule my time? Paper program, online? iPhone vs iPad vs laptop. Paper is easy to share / scribble on but the online program on cloudvine has “a schedule tool to create a personalized, exportable schedule. Guess I better check that out first, in the privacy of my room, with everything to hand before I decide. A... [read more]

Guy Saward: P.s. am working with online schedule tool which looks good in telling you who might be at which sessions, and pop-up preview of sessions is good but network is slow and iPad JavaScript doesn't look great.
Emma Duke-Williams: Am using a combination of both! the electronic one good when I'm online; paper good for skim reading while drinking coffee
Guy Saward: Am masochistic and trying to avoid the paper :-)

Tue, Sep 7 at 4:07PM (3 comments)

Tim Vincent posted Medical education

Are there any medical schools presenting here? I'd love to know if there are.

Gillian Armitt: Hi Tim, I'm from Manchester Medical School and will be showcasing language-technology-based automatic feedback to PBL learners (demo 266 on Fri AM, also poster 265). A lot of the medical education people are at AMEE this week (Association of Medical ... [read more]
Tim Vincent: Thanks for getting in touch Gillian. Yes, I expect people are at AMEE. Shame not to see more medical schools represented here although I guess several people here could be representing med schools as part of their institutions...

Wed, Sep 8 at 3:35PM (2 comments)

This presentation is currently available from

Tue, Sep 7 at 11:18AM (0 comments)

We are launching a new guide in the well-received JISC Effective Practice series, Effective Assessment in a Digital Age, on Tuesday 7th September. Please join us on the JISC stand at lunch time to collect your copy. The guide adopts a principles-based approach to explore how technology can improve the experience of assessment and feedback for practitioners and learners, demonstrating through ten newly researched case studies how both generic and ... [read more]

Tue, Sep 7 at 7:45AM (0 comments)

Alex Moseley posted Closed network?

I've just heard that a colleague (and usual attendee / presenter at ALT-C who can't make it this year) has been refused an account on CrowdVine. Is this because they are not attending, and if so - surely the aim of this site for ALT should be to widen the conversation and participation as much as possible? Personally, I'd like anyone to be able to see details of, and comment on, my session and related discussion; and I would like to read input fr... [read more]

Mon, Sep 6 at 10:09PM (0 comments)

Are you interested in the problem of how we share learning designs? The LDSE (learning design support environment) project is exploring ways of doing this. One idea is to offer teachers pre-existing pedagogical patterns, in both generic and specific forms. You could try this yourself: browse the patterns, adapt them – see how it feels. You can contribute comments and your own patterns to our collection. See what yo... [read more]

Mon, Sep 6 at 11:54AM (0 comments)

At the University of the Arts London (UAL), we've been using Google Wave as a space to plan and share ideas with peers and receive critical feedback and support. In this workshop Paul Lowe and I will be exploring some interesting characteristics of Wave that we feel can affect the nature of the exchanges that take place through it. We'll also be looking at some examples of the way we've been using Wave, and some tips to make this flexible and com... [read more]

Mon, Sep 6 at 11:47AM (0 comments)

This publication is now available at as an ALT Occasional Publication. Seb Schmoller

Sun, Sep 5 at 6:04AM (0 comments)

There is some interest coalescing around a critique of the place of technology in [higher] education, and its interplay with the dominant form of political economy. Joss Winn and I will be leading a discussion of whether the use of technology in HE is becoming more 'efficiently unsustainable': Meanwhile, Dave White will be raising some thorny issues in discussing how online distance learning could help mainta... [read more]

Josie Fraser: Would love to come to this session - both you & Joss are really compelling speakers. Unfortunately I won't be able to stay for the Thursday. Make sure you get someone to film it if at all possible! Or send links :)
Graham Attwell: Be happy to video or / and stream this session if someone has a camera good enough

Sun, Sep 5 at 3:28PM (2 comments)

Are there any delegates from institutions that have rolled out the Google Application stack for their students. I would really love to hear how its working out and how its being used to support teaching and learning?

Seb Schmoller: I think the University of Sheffield and Leeds Metropolitan University have, and there will be delegates from both at the conference.

Sat, Sep 4 at 7:24AM (1 comment)

Julie Voce posted ALT-C reporters wanted!

Each year the ALT Newsletter publishes a report on ALT-C and we are looking for volunteers to write this year's conference report. Ideally, we'd like 3 or 4 people to collaborate on writing the article, so this is an excellent opportunity to get your name in print and work with others. The report should be between 1,000-2000 words and describe the conference in terms of a general overview, interesting sessions, award winners, social events and an... [read more]

colin loughlin: Hi Julie - like Mary I will be putting something together for Kingston, so I would be happy to make a contribution (assuming grammar and punctuation aren't priorities). Colin
Julie Voce: Thanks for all the responses. I think we have enough people now :)
Louise Egan: Hi I would be happy to help out in any way, but would be from a exhibitor perspective, and the ALT Jorum learning and teaching awards. Just let me know. Louise Egan Jorum Communications Officer

Thu, Sep 9 at 10:18AM (5 comments)

Annette Odell posted Wimba Voice

Who is out there with experience as we have a 6 month trial and would love to make contact with you and your experience? Yrs, Annette

Wed, Sep 1 at 6:29PM (0 comments)

linzi kemp posted New to Nottingham?

Welcome to all who maybe new to Nottingham / from outside the UK. I am too really having travelled here from the UAE. But have had a chance to explore and its a lovely city. Take a stroll around the Park near the castle - its a park of houses and very tranquil. Gives you a nice feeling of an English village in the middle of the city. See you at the conference. Best Linzi

Sun, Aug 29 at 9:38AM (0 comments)

Alan Cann posted ALT-C 2010 on Facebook

While it's unlikely that the half a billion facebook users will suddenly decide to book for ALT-C 2010 at the last moment, the small community huddled around the conference Facebook page ( seems to appreciate this alternative information channel. Latest development is to pipe in content from aggregated "official" conference blogs (also available as a Google Reader bundle if you prefer ( [read more]

Wed, Jul 28 at 10:34AM (0 comments)

This post is mainly aimed at my fellow 'web participation coordinators' but Seb suggested we discuss things here so that others on the programme committee can chip in if they wish. Feel free! Apologies in advance that this is a bit of a brain dump following today's meeting. So, in no particular order, topics to be added to, expanded, shot down etc etc - Development & Facilitation of Crowdvine - ALT's 'output': keynote/invited speaker live streami... [read more]

Juliette Culver: Thanks for kicking things off Matt - good list! I think there are some obvious areas of responsibilities to allocate - the posters and encouraging newbies particularly spring to mind. I'm tentatively interested in developing mobile apps for the confe... [read more]
Sandra Huskinson: Thanks Matt and Juliette for raising these issues What are the thoughts about the 'fringe' events organised last year (wetpaint site F-ALT)? Do we want to tie in with this area? There were some interesting things organised and many of the newbies man... [read more]

Tue, Dec 15 at 10:27AM (2 comments)

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