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Talks Seb Is Giving:
9/8 16:20 ALT Annual General Meeting (0402)
9/6 18:45 Briefing for session chairs

About: I work half-time as Chief Executive of ALT, and independently.

Prior to joining ALT in 2002 I spent six years as Learning Technology Development Manager at the Sheffield College, where I am now a Governor.

I represent ALT on the JISC Committee for Learning and Teaching and in various other fora.

In a small organisation like ALT you have to turn your hand to many things, and this CrowdVine site is one of them.

Job title or role title Chief Executive

Professional role Chief Executive

Organisation ALT

Interests The public domain, open education, Making the conference a success

Programme Committee role (if a member of the Programme Committee) ALT staff

7 September 2010

Thom Cochrane - Thom, I will be chairing your session on Thursday. Yesterday we did a trial run with a remote presenter using Elluminate and so far as we can tell we are ready to go. Seb Schmoller

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5 September 2010

The positioning of educational technologists in enhancing the student experience, by Tom Browne and Helen Beetham - This publication is now available at as an ALT Occasional Publication. Seb Schmoller

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4 September 2010

Using Google applications to support teaching and learning - I think the University of Sheffield and Leeds Metropolitan University have, and there will be delegates from both at the conference.

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Dragos Ciobanu - Hi Dragos - yes, let's try to meet at some point during the conference. I will be flying about a bit, but do make a point of button-holing me. I doubt I will be able to recognise you from your icon. Seb

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3 September 2010

Added Dick Moore (friend), Philip Tubman (friend), Virendra Mistry (friend), Claire Donlan (friend), and Diana Laurillard (friend)


2 September 2010
1 September 2010

Added Terese Bird (friend) and geoff stead (friend)


Signed up to attend CMALT Birthday party


31 August 2010

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30 August 2010

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29 August 2010

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27 August 2010

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26 August 2010

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25 August 2010

kevin mc laughlin - Kevin - which days will you be at the conference please? Seb

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Signed up to attend ALT Annual General Meeting (0402)


24 August 2010

Added Steve Wheeler (friend), Doug Belshaw (want-to-meet), and kevin mc laughlin (want-to-meet)


23 August 2010

Mobile version of ALT-C Crowdvine now has Schedule! Great. Can't see it yet on full site. #altc2010 - The Schedule is not finalised and cannot yet be relied on! Please be patient. Seb Schmoller

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Mobile version of ALT-C Crowdvine now has Schedule! Great. Can't see it yet on full site. #altc2010 - No worries, Kathryn. We've now made the TT live. Seb

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20 August 2010

Added Devampika Getkahn (want-to-meet)


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linzi kemp:

Hi Seb
look forward to meeting you at ALT. Probably at the new member welcome or the chairing session. all the best Linzi J Kemp