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About: I am enjoying a second career in e-learning research (the first "career" - if you can call it that - was in business software). I will be arriving at ALT-C (almost) straight from our family holiday in Italy, and am looking forward to catching up with old friends and new in the learning technology community.

Job title or role title Member of Programme Committee, Trustee of ALT

Professional role Senior Researcher

Organisation University of Oxford

What topics are on your radar? learning design, learner experience, professional development for e-learning, institutional initiatives re e-learning, application of sociocultural theories in e-learning

What topics are you an expert in? learning design, learner experience

7 September 2010

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6 September 2010

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26 August 2010

Innovating in teaching with an intelligent design environment (Workshop 0087) - Now for the second topic of discussion, which we will explore through one of the workshop activities: What are your views on sharing your learning designs (lesson plans) with other teachers, and on using learning designs created by others? For example, is a sense of ownership over your work important to you? In what way does using other people’s learning designs and, conversely, making your own designs available for others to use (or to adapt for their own purposes) affect your sense of ownership over your work?

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25 August 2010

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24 August 2010

Mobile learning demonstrations (2 Demonstrations 0088, 0151) - Hi, I'm chairing this session and very much looking forward to these demonstrations -- especially the "active participation"! - Liz

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Guerilla Narratives of Media (Workshop 0223) - The metaphor is intriguing: I'm looking forward to chairing this workshop -- and taking part, too.

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Innovating in teaching with an intelligent design environment (Workshop 0087) - Welcome to the workshop social space. The LDSE project is entering an exciting phase, with the software becoming ready for teachers to try out. The workshop will involve a couple of simple design activities, but just as important are the discussions we hope they will trigger. So, over the next two weeks we will use this space to start those discussions with a number of thoughts, ideas and questions to which we welcome your comments. Here’s the first one… “Learning design” is increasingly used in place of familiar terms such as “course design,” “curriculum design” or “lesson planning.” What is to be gained by using a new term to describe familiar practices in a new way? Is anything lost? (For more about the LDSE project, visit our website at or see the ALT online newsletter at

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20 August 2010

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