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Job title or role title Senior Lecturer - Interactive Media and Social Technologies

Organisation University of Salford

12 September 2010

Signed up to attend Epigeum Video awards (0501)


8 September 2010
6 September 2010

Mobile paradigms: DIY portfolios (3 Short Papers 0215, 0206, 0081) - Presentation 215 (will add links to videos before session)

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Added Steven Verjans (friend) and Stuart Johnson (friend)


5 September 2010

fred garnett - hi fred, are you coming to the edubloggers meet-up on tues eve?

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3 September 2010

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1 September 2010

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25 August 2010

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24 August 2010

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23 July 2010

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8 December 2009

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fred garnett:

Hi Helen, think so and going to #FALT10 drink on Monday evening?