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About: I'm course leader for an MSc in Multimedia and Elearning.
I'm currently working on my doctorate in web 2, epistemology and teacher. Hoping to complete in 2011.
My session at ALT-C is on Thursday 10.30 in room 1 and is titled "Web 2.0 what is stopping us?"

Job title or role title Senior Lecturer

Interests research networking

What topics are on your radar? epistemology teachers' beliefs web 2.0

10 September 2010

Claire Donlan - apologises we didn't get to meet up. Hope to catch up with you another time...but email me at if you want to know about anything in particular.

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7 September 2010
6 September 2010

Rebecca Ferguson - Hi Rebecca - thanks for your message. I'll be around all 3 days. When are you attending? Liz

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2 September 2010

Web 2.0 Paradigms (3 Short Papers 0018, 0181, 0213) - Here is a copy of my powerpoint

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0019 HE practice and Web 2.0 – what’s stopping us? - Below is a pdf of my poster. Look forward to chatting to people about what makes web 2.0 powerful in education at the conference.

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