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About: I lecture in Information Systems in Salford Business School at the University of Salford. My research interests bridge information systems and learning technologies, mirroring the increasing scope of learning and other information technologies that has accompanied the Internet and other emerging technologies. I really enjoy attending ALT-C as it's a great opportunity to network and find out about all the interesting and innovative things that the ALT community gets up to.

Job title or role title Senior Lecturer, member of Programme Committee

Professional role Senior Lecturer

Organisation University of Salford

Interests technology, learning, knitting, plants

What topics are on your radar? informal learning, open educational resources, open source software, systems integration, communities and networks

What topics are you an expert in? expert?

Programme Committee role (if a member of the Programme Committee) Editor of the ALT Journal

26 September 2010

New Bottles, Old Wine? (Symposium 0108) - Sorry for picking up this so late but (and I can only speak for my own contribution) but I think I (and others) addressed how tech developments impact on enduring ethical practice. My concern was what this means for educators - who might be more focussed on how the new technologies raise questions that relate to their practice - maybe a different emphasis from yours.

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8 September 2010

Signed up to attend ALT Annual General Meeting (0402)


7 September 2010
6 September 2010

New Bottles, Old Wine? (Symposium 0108) - Here are my slides too -

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4 September 2010

Guerilla Narratives of Media (Workshop 0223) - We are really looking forward to seeing you all at the workshop. The workshop wiki is at Bring your phone/pocket video if you have not (but we'll only need one per group) and prepare for a bit of fun!

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27 August 2010
26 August 2010

Louise Egan - Looking forward to meeting you. Suggest you also meet up with Juliette Culver who works on Cloudworks project at OU.

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25 August 2010

Deep Learning Design (Symposium 0276) - Looking forward to chairing this session.

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Learning practice (3 Short Papers 0053, 0168, 0040) - Looking forward to chairing this session

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24 August 2010

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Dick Moore:

Frances, you mentioned your student who is doing the PHd on police use of mobile technology. Would it be an imposition to put us in touch. I am looking at the same thing and am very interested in just how poorly this was introduced combined with a poor choice of technology.

Thanks Dick