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About: Independant elearning consultant living and working in New Zealand

Job title or role title Director Elearning Watch Ltd

Professional role Director elearningWatch Ltd, P/T Research analyst and learning technologist, Wintec New Zealand

Organisation Elearning Watch Ltd, Auckland New Zealand and Waikato Institute of Technology, Emerging Technologies centre

Interests elearning environments, digital tools and student learning.Project planning

What topics are on your radar? ALT-C 2010, ascilite 2010, the mobile learner, iPad in education, QR codes, virtual classrooms, professional development in elearning, student support in online learning, elearningWatch monthly digest

What topics are you an expert in? None :-) But I'm quite good at organisation and planning. I have 25 years experience in education, 18 of them in learning technologies

Programme Committee role (if a member of the Programme Committee) Abstracts Editor

10 September 2010

Added Steve Wheeler (met), Mark Childs (friend), and Steve Wheeler (friend)


7 September 2010

Amy Edwards - Hi Amy of course i remember you. CU around the conference hub:-) Richard

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5 September 2010

New Bottles, Old Wine? (Symposium 0108) - It would be well worth while if you are contemplating attending this session if you click on the 'Got the Bottle' link on the ALT-C Crowdvine home page posted by Steve Wheeler. The link takes you to an overview of what each of the participants are likely to debate during the session plus you can view their profiles. There is a smorgasbord of ideas and opinion to be discussed and debated, so don't be anti-social come along and add your threepence worth:-) Chair of the session

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29 August 2010

Added Seb Schmoller (friend)


27 August 2010

Signed up to attend Briefing for session chairs


24 August 2010
22 July 2010

Added Hayley Maisey (friend), Jacquie Kelly (friend), and John Clayton (friend)


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