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About: I am a member of the Programme Committee please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or I can be of assistance in anyway.

I work at Leicester University (Institute of Lifelong Learning and Education) and Loughborough University (Business School) as a Learning Technologist/Online Developer and I also do some freelance work for University of Nottingham and various other institutions.

My first degree is in Art and Design with Inter-arts (Audio, video and multimedia) from University of Leeds and I also have an MSc in Advanced Interactive Technology, Learning Science Reserach Institute, University of Nottingham.

I have a wide range of skills including design (I was Medical Artist and Multimedia Manager, University of Nottingham), animation, audio, video, photography, VLEs (Blackboard, Moodle, WebCt to name a few....

I have worked supporting curriculum design and development for a number of years.

Job title or role title Programme Committee Member, Learning Technologist.

Professional role Online Development Officer/Freelance E-learning Consultant

Interests Accessibility, audio, video, flash animation, pedagogy, usability, reusable learning objects, video conferencing, video streaming, SMS

What topics are on your radar? Accessibility, audio, video, flash animation, pedagogy, reusable learning objects, video streaming, SMS, second life, games

What topics are you an expert in? Pedagogical design of course materials, curriculum content delivery, use and design VLE content (various) use and production of animation, video, graphics. Accessibility, usability and user testing. Plagiarism software and online marking.

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15 December 2009

Web Participation - Ideas & Planning - Thanks Matt and Juliette for raising these issues What are the thoughts about the 'fringe' events organised last year (wetpaint site F-ALT)? Do we want to tie in with this area? There were some interesting things organised and many of the newbies many be interested in this too. I'm not suggesting that we make the fringe main stream as part of its a attraction for many is that it is separate. In terms of streaming/video recording etc etc What facilities do we have at our disposal at Nottingham? I am assuming we will have access to other lecture theatres/rooms on site not just in the East Midlands conference centre but on Nottingham site (I live 20 mins from Nottm site so know it well)? I worked at Nottingham for 10 years in the AV unit(Multimedia Design Manager) before it was split up. I worked as a manager along side the teaching rooms support staff manager Dave Halford.. not sure what are the overall requirements (we'll have to determine that) but I can talk to Dave if that helps? Nottingham are involved with a project called Steeple and at Lboro (where I work) we have the servers now for this project: May be we could tie into this in some way? Just a thought. If you need some assistance with the poster stuff (guide lines etc or anything else) I used to teach poster design for conference, not sure if that's any help or not? I'm all for seeing an APP for the iphone that is all conference, may be on other platforms too.. on the mobile front I did usability and mobile learning as part of my MSc so am happy to help with testing.. These are a few random thoughts.. let me know if they're of any use..?? I can be of help??? Sandra

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