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About: At the moment most my time seems to be taken up with our 'Collaborative Online Tools for BCE' project.

About to commence a mamouth visit schedule as part of the BCE-focus update of the 'Planning and Designing Technology-rich Learning Spaces' infoKit. If you see Thelma and Louise (Janette and myself)on their travels, please wave!

Organisation JISC infoNet

Interests Technology, Technology to support learning and teaching, tech-enhanced collaborative learning

What topics are on your radar? e-portfolios, web 2, learning spaces, Open Educational Resources, technologies to support/enhance collaboration

What topics are you an expert in? Technology to support, learning, teaching and collaboration.

Programme Committee role (if a member of the Programme Committee) No specific role

8 September 2010
7 September 2010
6 September 2010

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3 September 2010

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22 July 2010

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