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About: I'm based in the Learning Societies Lab in Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton. I'm at the conference to catch up with old friends and make new. I pride myself in being a queen of networking, and may be able to put you in touch with someone. I'm especially interested in technology affordances, and can be found occasionally blogging (mostly not about work) and on twitter. I think VLEs are the tools of the devil, and the 2.0 is a lot more complex that the social web. If you are looking for keywords you could include digital ethnography, Web2.0, pedagogy, disciplinary differences, Higher Education, education, E-learning. I'm sure there are more (andy powell) they will come back when I remember them...

3 September 2010

Added Janet Finlay (friend), Rhona Sharpe (friend), Josie Fraser (friend), Emma Duke-Williams (friend), and Kathryn James (want-to-meet)


25 August 2010

Added John Traxler (friend), John Traxler (want-to-meet), Cristina Costa (friend), and James Clay (friend)


24 August 2010

Added Helen Beetham (friend)


23 August 2010

Added Mary Jacob (friend), Helen Whitehead (friend), and Steve Wheeler (friend)


10 August 2010

Added Tom Boyle (friend), Helen Keegan (friend), Tom Franklin (friend), Hayley Maisey (friend), Liz Masterman (friend), Steve Ryan (friend), Seb Schmoller (friend), Linda Creanor (friend), and Frances Bell (friend)


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Kathryn James
Kathryn James (mutual) want-to-meet
Emma Duke-Williams
Emma Duke-Williams (mutual) friend
Josie Fraser
Josie Fraser (mutual) friend
Rhona Sharpe
Rhona Sharpe friend
Janet Finlay
Janet Finlay (mutual) friend
James Clay
James Clay (mutual) friend


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