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About: I'm currently leading a blended learning initiative at GCU and co-ordinating a distributive leadership approach to staff development. I'm a Trustee and past President of ALT, and co-editor of this year's ALT-C proceedings.

Professional role Development Director (Professional Practice)

Interests blended learning; student experience; social software; boundary pedagogies; sociotechnical theories.

Programme Committee role (if a member of the Programme Committee) Proceedings Editor

2 September 2010

Added Hennie Yip (friend)


31 August 2010

Added Joe Wilson (friend) and Teresa Mackinnon (want-to-meet)


27 August 2010

Added Amanda Jefferies (friend)


26 August 2010

Added Sarah Cornelius (friend) and Carol Higgison (friend)


25 August 2010

Added Richard Hall (want-to-meet), Richard Hall (friend), Nicola Whitton (friend), Helen Beetham (friend), Helen Keegan (friend), Steve Ryan (friend), Tom Boyle (friend), Ferdinand Francino aka Gwynn Gunawan (friend), Keith Smyth (friend), Frank Rennie (friend), john slater (friend), and David Hawkridge (friend)


23 August 2010

Added Steve Wheeler (friend), Frances Bell (friend), and Mary Jacob (want-to-meet)


13 August 2010

Added Kathryn Trinder (friend), Kathryn Trinder (want-to-meet), and Seb Schmoller (friend)


10 August 2010

Added Hayley Maisey (friend), Liz Bennett (friend), Haydn Blackey (friend), Tom Franklin (friend), Su White (friend), and Liz Masterman (friend)


14 July 2010

Added Sandra Huskinson (want-to-meet)


Linda's Network

Kia Ng
Kia Ng (mutual) friend
Peter Shipley
Peter Shipley (mutual) friend, want-to-meet
Dick Moore
Dick Moore (mutual) friend
andy black
andy black (mutual) friend
Phil Gravestock
Phil Gravestock (mutual) friend
Hennie Yip
Hennie Yip (mutual) friend


David Hawkridge:

See you there, Linda! On the Wed morning.

All the best