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About: I work at the LSE in a lovely team with lovely people. Looking forward to interesting debates about learning technology, especially of the variety "what's it all about" and "why oh why do we bother". Currently obsessed by academic perceptions of lecture capture.

Job title or role title Learning Technologist

Professional role Learning Technologist

Interests nihilism, sunshine, janacek, art, questioning

What topics are on your radar? social_networks, electronic_voting, open_everything, lecture_capture

8 September 2010

Lecture Capture (2 Short Papers 0107, 0216) - Thanks from me to all who came along as well, esp for your questions. & Eoin - really liked your presentation. We should start working on this together... I like your idea of us coming to gather some data from your staff at QMUL! Sonja

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Lecture Capture (2 Short Papers 0107, 0216) - oh & here's oure presentation slides as pdf. At the very least you may marvel at the (CC) images we used - a lot of work went into that :-)

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Effectiveness in delivery (3 Short Papers 0189, 0099, 0271) - Phil Davies proves that using video examples of excellent student work is a great way of making a point. The colour blindness digital story essay made me want to watch the whole thing! And made me think about peer assessment too.

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