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About: Working at the UK Physical Sciences Centre I do a little of everything and my interests are broad.

Since starting work at the Centre I have completed JISC funded projects on e-portfolios (in the physical sciences and in support of those on PGCertHE courses) and have just completed work on Open Educational Resources (OER).

I see this conference as a great way of learning more about a whole host of subjects and being inspired by new and creative approaches.

Job title or role title Project Officer

Organisation Higher Education Academy UK Physical Sciences Centre

What topics are on your radar? OER, Web 2.0

What topics are you an expert in? I'm no expert but I'm happy to share experiences and opinions

13 September 2010

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6 September 2010

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5 September 2010

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3 September 2010

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31 August 2010

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26 August 2010

0225 Open Educational Resources – a force for change - Poster (pdf):

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0225 Open Educational Resources – a force for change - Handout (our Briefing Paper on producing OER):

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Added John Traxler (want-to-meet), Marion Hall (want-to-meet), and Kumiko Aoki (want-to-meet)


24 August 2010
12 August 2010

Added Sue Milne (want-to-meet)


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