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Job title or role title Head of Learning Resources

Organisation Middlesbrough College

What topics are on your radar? e-learning, learning technologies, social networking

What topics are you an expert in? e-learning, learning technologies, social networking

7 September 2010
6 September 2010

Added Mike Cameron (friend), Seb Schmoller (friend), Frances Bell (want-to-meet), Liz Bennett (want-to-meet), Denise Turner (friend), Julie Voce (friend), and Julie Usher (want-to-meet)


3 September 2010

Added Doug Belshaw (want-to-meet)


26 August 2010

Added Ashley Wright (friend)


Claire's Network

Julie Usher
Julie Usher want-to-meet
Julie Voce
Julie Voce friend
Denise Turner
Denise Turner (mutual) friend
Liz Bennett
Liz Bennett want-to-meet
Frances Bell
Frances Bell (mutual) want-to-meet
Seb Schmoller
Seb Schmoller (mutual) friend


Liz Bennett:

apologises we didn't get to meet up. Hope to catch up with you another time...but email me at if you want to know about anything in particular.