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About: Research-oriented learning technologist with a background as sound engineer, music producer, music industry trainer and educational/media consultant.

The London Knowledge Lab's Elluminate 2010 Centre of Excellence status makes me an 'Elluminate Hero'. My experience with live web conferencing goes back to the late 90s.

Job title or role title Learning Technology Fellow

Organisation London Knowledge Lab

Interests online pedagogy

What topics are on your radar? learning design, web conferencing

What topics are you an expert in? audio, web conferencing

9 September 2010

Added Sarah Cornelius (met)


8 September 2010

New productivity (2 Proceedings Papers 0200, 0222) - Slides for presentation 0222: Web-based collaboration in Higher Education

Comments - Link

New productivity (2 Proceedings Papers 0200, 0222) - ...or view the 0222 slides on the web (Google Docs) at:

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7 September 2010

Added Fiona Strawbridge (friend), David Findlay (friend), and Kim Whittlestone (friend)


6 September 2010

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31 August 2010

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26 August 2010

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