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About: I used the time to complete an MA in Interactive Media to evaluate where my career was going. I chose to start from scratch in education as a teacher in an FE College. From there it was a fairly natural progression, with an original background in web design and video, into learning technology.

At present my main roles are operational management of the VLE, e-learning support channels, consultancy, and getting lecture capture off the ground in a big way.

I'm also very interested in why good ideas seem to fall apart when they reach institutional levels. "There's gotta be a better way" and all that.

Professional role Senior Learning Technologist

Organisation Queen Mary University of London

What topics are on your radar? Lecture Capture, Institutional Change, Obstacles to Success, Institutional inertia

What topics are you an expert in? Lecture Capture in HE (well... as much as anyone is... it's all pretty new)

9 September 2010

Lecture Capture (2 Short Papers 0107, 0216) - That'd be great for us if you could. Really valuable. We've a few teachers who would be worth speaking with.

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8 September 2010

Lecture Capture (2 Short Papers 0107, 0216) - Hi, Thanks ; to everyone who came along. Our Code of Practice is here: Delighted to get any and all feedback about it. I'm workikng on version two now. Thanks again, Eoin

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6 September 2010

Lecture Capture (2 Short Papers 0107, 0216) - There's a next-to-final draft of my presentation attached.

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3 September 2010

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1 September 2010

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24 August 2010

Lecture Capture (2 Short Papers 0107, 0216) - Hi, I'm the presenter on the first session. If anyone has any questions they'd like to ask in advance - just pop them on here. Thanks, Eoin

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Fiona Strawbridge:

Is there going to be a lecture capture bar camp at ALT-C? If yes, where and when do I find you?