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About: Research Associate on SWIFT project.
Creating a virtual genetics lab in Second Life to investigate teaching practical laboratory skills in virtual worlds as an addition to regular laboratory classes.

Professional role Researcher

Interests Virtual worlds, Learning support, Consciousness

What topics are on your radar? Web 3.0

What topics are you an expert in? Virtual Worlds

8 September 2010

Human aspects (2 Proceedings Papers 0212, 0094) - Thank you to the moderator and all who attended / asked questions at my talk on Tuesday (212). The PPT presentation (10MB) can be downloaded from Also, the paper is available in the conference proceedings. Feel free to look around our virtual lab in Second Life, there's a link at Paul

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6 September 2010

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1 September 2010
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I'll be there on the Wed and Thurs, Paul, so I'll look forward to seeing you then, but perhaps also at BDRA on Sep 1.