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About: I work as an E-learning Executive at CIPD Enterprises, in the Training Department.

I have postgraduate qualifications in computer science.

In my current role at CIPD, I work in designing, building and maintaining the virtual learning environment for certificated programmes of learning in the fields of HR, including L&D. I also design and develop information portals to resources for trainers and to support the continuous learning and development of our learning programme participants.

I'm keen to promote greater use of open learning resources within the learning and development community.

Job title or role title E-learning Executive

Organisation CIPD

9 September 2010

Added Dave Pickersgill (want-to-meet)


3 September 2010

ALT-C reporters wanted! - Julie I've never done anything like this before. I'm very happy to volunteer (thanks for asking) - but no clue how good my contribution would be. I can however guarantee I'd have opinions to share :) If you get more suitable candidates, I'm happy to take a back seat. Failing which, please let me know where I meet with you and what/how we do this for 2010 Devampika

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2 September 2010

Signed up to attend Blackboard Collaborate presentation (0280)


31 August 2010

Added Brian J. Nido (want-to-meet)


26 August 2010

Added Ravi Sandhu (want-to-meet) and Tracey Madden (want-to-meet)


25 August 2010
24 August 2010

Added Seb Schmoller (want-to-meet), Maren Deepwell (friend), and Maren Deepwell (want-to-meet)


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Dave Pickersgill
Dave Pickersgill want-to-meet
Brian J. Nido
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Tracey Madden
Tracey Madden (mutual) want-to-meet
Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu (mutual) want-to-meet
Maren Deepwell
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Seb Schmoller
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