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About: Researcher/Analyst at JISC infoNet and Ed.D. student at Durham University writing thesis on new literacies.

Job title or role title Researcher/Analyst

Organisation JISC infoNet

Interests edtech, reading, history

What topics are on your radar? mobile, OER

What topics are you an expert in? Google Apps, new literacies

8 September 2010
7 September 2010

How the JISC Advance services can help you and your organisation (0284) - Oh, and we're going to be using the joint hashtags '#altc2010 #ja' if you fancy telling us you're coming or tweeting about the session!

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6 September 2010

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2 September 2010

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31 August 2010

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26 August 2010
25 August 2010

How the JISC Advance services can help you and your organisation (0284) - Marianne Sheppard and I (Doug Belshaw) would be very interested in any questions or comments you may have that we could address in the session. :-)

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24 August 2010

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